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How do I submit an employment and training intervention for consideration?

The Pathways Clearinghouse welcomes submissions of research studies that have evaluated a particular employment and training intervention. Researchers or others interested in having the Clearinghouse review studies of specific interventions may submit the intervention name and its associated citations or research studies to the question below: How do I submit my research for consideration?) You can also submit developmental interventions, which have research of their effectiveness underway but not yet completed, and case studies of interventions using new and promising practices with no research of their effectiveness. The team will log all recommendations. Those interested in submitting such studies should note, however, that the Pathways Clearinghouse does not review interventions on a rolling basis. Instead, we review interventions periodically, as resources allow. As a result, interventions submitted to the Pathways Clearinghouse will not be reviewed immediately upon request. In addition, submitting a recommendation does not guarantee that we will review studies of the intervention.

How do I submit my research for consideration?

Occasionally, the Pathways Clearinghouse issues a call for studies and invites the public to submit research. When open, we will post a link to more information on the Pathways Clearinghouse home page and will circulate the call to users who subscribe to our email list. Interested stakeholders can submit research at any time to, even when no call for studies is posted, and the team will log the submission for consideration alongside submissions from the next call for studies. Submitting research does not guarantee that the study will be reviewed. We decide which research to review using the systematic process outlined in the Protocol for the Pathways to Work Evidence Clearinghouse.

Can I appeal the rating that the Pathways Clearinghouse has applied to my study?

The Pathways Clearinghouse Quality Review Team (QRT) handles any challenges stakeholders make about a review’s findings, the inclusion of a study within the Pathways Clearinghouse, or other individual judgements the Pathways Clearinghouse team makes. The QRT addresses any issues with reviews that stakeholders raise, so long as they are (1) submitted in writing to, (2) related to a specific study or well-defined set of studies, and (3) coherently explained (and the inquirer is available to answer any clarifying questions).

When a request is submitted to the QRT, a team member first verifies the request meets the criteria listed above. After this confirmation, the team member examines the study and any related materials, discusses the review with the original study reviewers, and presents a summary of the review and any potential flaws to the QRT. The QRT then determines whether the initial review should be revised, notifies OPRE and the inquirer of its findings and, if necessary, edits any Clearinghouse products to reflect the updated review.