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Where can I find information on the cost or cost-effectiveness of an intervention?

We provide cost information for interventions that have at least one supported supported icon or well-supported well-supported icon effectiveness rating. Cost information is located on the details page for an intervention, the page which supplies more context about interventions with favorable outcomes. All cost information reported on the website is taken directly from the study authors. Therefore, cost information on intervention pages will vary and might include costs per participant, administrative costs, or other details that authors choose to report. If the study authors conduct a cost-benefit analysis, we will also provide that data. The Pathways Clearinghouse does not factor information on cost into the effectiveness ratings displayed on the website.

Because the cost information is taken directly from the study authors, cost information is not directly comparable across interventions. The types of costs reported across interventions vary, and reports of costs are not adjusted to reflect the same economic year. For example, some costs per participant for one intervention might be reported in 1996 dollars, and others might be in 2013 dollars. However, the cost details provide a useful starting point for thinking about the costs to organizations that implemented the interventions.

During the next year, the Pathways Clearinghouse will continue to add implementation information, including author-reported cost details, for interventions that have a supported or a well-supported effectiveness rating in an outcome domain.