On Wednesday, August 12, 2020, the Pathways Clearinghouse held a webinar for TANF administrators about how the Pathways Clearinghouse supports their work. Designed to meet the needs of employment service providers and TANF administrators and support the use of evidence-based practices, the Pathways Clearinghouse provides trustworthy, accessible information about what works to help job seekers with low incomes find and sustain employment. During this discussion, a panel of experts from Mathematica and OPRE:

  • Identified why and how the Pathways Clearinghouse website is relevant and useful;
  • Demonstrated website functionalities and features; and
  • Navigated the site and walk through practical examples of how it can be used.

In addition, current and former TANF administrators Kristina Meza and Natasha Nicolai discussed the role of evidence in their work in California and how they have used information from the Pathways Clearinghouse to inform their work.